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At the core of Clinical Dietitian and Nutrition Consultants is the Step-up Nutrition Program, a comprehensive weight management and disease prevention program that stresses the importance of optimal nutrition, active lifestyle, sleep, and the body-mind connection, focusing on disease prevention and wellness as well as medical conditions that can be addressed via nutrition and behavioral change.

The program is tailored to adult women, who approach and experience weight loss and behavioral change differently than men.

The Step-up Nutrition is a “therapeutic lifestyle program” supporting long-term nutritional solutions and permanent lifestyle change. Since many health problems are caused by our lifestyle choices and habits, organizations such as the American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, and National Cholesterol Education Program are recommending therapeutic lifestyle programs as a primary and powerful therapy for the prevention and maintenance of different conditions.

Scientifically based, the Step-up Nutrition Program uses the latest scientifically sound nutrition and health information from science and evidence based research. Our program is based on coaching as well as self-management. Women take personal responsibility and accountability for their health and well-being. During the wellness journey to optimal health and well-being, women become the students of their own habits. This is an awareness process, with change occurring from inside out.

It is important to note that the program is not a magic bullet. Eating healthier, losing weight, or changing your activity levels require lifestyle change – not a diet. Our program is highly individualized, taking into consideration the full spectrum of your health, personality, current lifestyle, and culture.

The 12-week long program includes nine 60-minute sessions, two 90-minute sessions, and one two-hour "savvy shopper" session. The Step-up Nutrition Program incorporates stress reduction and mindfulness techniques. Becoming more emotionally healthy by reducing stress will make it easier for you to make smarter food choices and make you more likely to commit to your activity. View complete session features.

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