Integrative Functional Medicine Dietitian
Vered Kantor

Dietitian Vered KantorLifestyle and Wellness Coach Vered Kantor, founder of Clinical Dietitians & Nutrition Consultants, specializes in lifestyle change, weight management, and disease prevention for adult women. Through a comprehensive approach, Kantor, a registered clinical dietician and nutrition consultant, focuses on the relationship among the mind, body, and soul to address weight management, disease prevention, and “whole” wellness.

Clinical Dietitians & Nutrition Consultants goes beyond simple nutrition counsel, instead combining nutrition with emotions and behaviors to effect permanent changes that lead to a healthy life-long lifestyle. Their nutrition and wellness programs are tailored to the individual, ensuring a very specific approach that addresses unique needs and challenges, delivering a personal solution for each client.

Kantor uses her experience in both traditional and alternative approaches to nutrition and wellness to partner with her patients, empowering each one to change their behavior and achieve long-term results. Her extensive background in nutrition, dietetics, and weight management (she's been a noted resource in numerous articles) enables her to offer her patients a practical, personal approach to lifestyle change, weight management, and disease prevention. The mother of a toddler, an avid traveler, and a gourmet cook, Kantor is deeply grateful for the opportunity to combine her love for science, nutrition and food with the ability to consult with and empower women to achieve and maintain a healthy mind, body, and soul.


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